Running a RR server as daemon on Linux

In the RR repository you can find rr.server systemd unit file. The structure of the file is the following:

Description=High-performance PHP application server

ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/roadrunner serve -c <path/to/.rr.yaml>


The only thing that user should do is to update ExecStart option with your own. To do that, set a proper path of roadrunner binary, required flags and path to the .rr.yaml file. Usually, such user unit files are located in .config/systemd/user/. For RR, it might be .config/systemd/user/rr.service. To enable it use the following commands: systemctl enable --user rr.service and systemctl start rr.service. And that's it. Now roadrunner should run as daemon on your server.

Also, you can find more info about systemd unit files here: Link.

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