PHP Client

Roadrunner Worker


This plugin parse other's plugins configuration and uses flags to find the YAML config.

Compatibility matrix

⚠️ Keep in mind that the yaml configuration version is not the same as the RR version. They have independent versions.

RR version Configuration version
2.8+ 2.7
2.7.x 2.7 OR Unversioned (treated as v2.6.0, will be auto-updated to v2.7)
<=2.6.x Doesn't support versions

*non-versioned: configuration used in the 2.0.x-2.6.x releases.


  1. -c [PATH]: points RR to the configuration location.

Minimal dependencies:

This plugin is independent.

Worker sample:


require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

// Create a new Worker from global environment
$worker = \Spiral\RoadRunner\Worker::create();

while ($data = $worker->waitPayload()) {
    // Received Payload

    // Respond Answer
    $worker->respond(new \Spiral\RoadRunner\Payload('DONE'));


  1. By default, .rr.yaml used as the configuration, located in the same directory with RR binary.
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