tags: roadrunner v2.12.1

🚀 v2.12.1 🚀

👀 New:

  • RR: Automatically set the GOMAXPROCS to match the container CPU quota.
  • AMQP plugin: implement Status to check the AMQP connection PR.
  • SQS plugin: prefetch option now works as expected. RR will not consume new JOBS when it reaches the prefetch limit, until already accepted messages are not ACK/NACK-ed.
  • JOBS(memory) plugin: prefetch option now works as expected (see SQS). You can now emulate FIFO in memory by setting the prefetch option to 1.

🩹 Fixes:

  • 🐛 gRPC plugin: server options are applied only when TLS is set. Discussion.
  • 🐛 AMQP plugin: fix a few typos in the configuration.
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