🚀 v2.12.2 🚀

👀 New:

  • ✒️ AMQP plugin: Custom headers in AMQP driver, FR, (thanks @ykweb)
  • ✒️ AMQP plugin: do not create a queue if the user does not consume it, FR, (thanks @Colomix)
  • ✒️ gRPC plugin: support additional metrics: requests_queue, request_duration_seconds and request_total, PR, docs: link, (thanks @cv65kr)

🩹 Fixes:

  • 🐛 Velox: Unable to build RoadRunner with custom velox configuration, BUG, (thanks @mprokocki)
  • 🐛 RR: JSON Schema - wrong type for service exec_timeout option, BUG, (thanks @Chi-teck)
  • 🐛 RR: Fix the description of the --silent flag, PR, (thanks @maximal)
  • 🐛 X-Sendfile middleware: make it work as expected (as the response header), BUG, (thanks @tux-rampage)

Special thanks: @benalf

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