What is it?

RR plugin is a separate piece of software that can extend the RR functionality. The plugin may depend on the other plugins, but also might be fully independent.

Plugin GitHub template


package sample

type (
	// This is the main Endure service interface which may be implemented to Start (Serve) and Stop plugin (OPTIONAL)
	Service interface {
		// Serve
		Serve() chan error
		// Stop
		Stop() error

	// Name of the service (OPTIONAL)
	Named interface {
		Name() string

	// Provider declares the ability to provide dependencies to other plugins (OPTIONAL)
	Provider interface {
		Provides() []interface{}

	// Collector declares the ability to accept the plugins which match the provided method signature (OPTIONAL)
	Collector interface {
		Collects() []interface{}

// Init is mandatory to implement
type Plugin struct{}

func (p *Plugin) Init( /* deps here */) error {
	return nil

Structure name should be Plugin if you want to build RR with the velox tool.

The only required method for the plugin is Init. It can receive other plugins via its API. Users should not request a plugin directly, but use a repository with the plugin's API and request only the plugin's interface, not implementation. However, requesting implementation (structure pointer) is also possible.

For example, if the logger implementation is registered, any other plugin can request the logger via its Init function, like:

package main

type Plugin struct {

func (p *Plugin) Init(log *zap.Logger) error { // <-- here we requested a logger from the RR container
	return nil

More about plugins can be found here: link

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