Lightning fast speed, enhanced stability, powerful performance

Production Ready

Not only is RoadRunner the product of years of planning, testing, and coding, it is also currently being used for massive enterprise-level projects that constantly experience heavy loads.

You can install RoadRunner and have it running in production in your application today.

High Performance

RoadRunner will maximize your application’s performance by leveraging Golang’s goroutines and multi-threading to speed up processing while reducing actual server load.

This boosts performance and significantly cuts back on development resources.

No Extensions Required

Forget about custom builds or installing extensions to get RoadRunner to work.

Any application using a version of PHP7 or higher will seamlessly integrate with RoadRunner in seconds.


HTTP Middleware

Create custom HTTP Middleware in RoadRunner to handle the heavy lifting of specific use cases like rate-limiting and JWT parsing for your application before it even reaches PHP!

Logging and Reporting

Use RoadRunner’s internal event system to collect and manage application logs, monitor performance, and handle fatal errors.

AWS Lambda

Ship RoadRunner binary with your PHP Lambda function to profoundly improve performance by reusing parts of your PHP application in multiple contexts.

Any Library

Integrate any existing Golang library with your PHP application using our Goridge RPC protocol.


Use PHP-GRPC to implement high-performance gRPC APIs for your application.


Implement Spiral/Jobs package to allow RoadRunner to operate as a queue consumer supporting in-memory queue, AMQP, Amazon SQS, and Beanstalk.

Comparisons and Press

RoadRunner is one of the fastest ways to run your PHP application (see the following independent research).

RoadRunner benchmark

RoadRunner is designed to withstand a high load while still being available 100% of the time.

RoadRunner availability benchmark

Read more about RoadRunner use cases and benchmarks: