Environment configuration

All RoadRunner workers will inherit the system configuration available for the parent server process. In addition, you can customize the set of env variables to be passed to your workers using part env of .rr configuration file.

  command: "php worker.php"
     key: value

All keys will be automatically uppercased!

Using environment variables in the configuration

  • Option 1:
set -a
source /var/www/config/.env
set +a

exec /var/www/rr \
  -c /var/www/.rr.yaml \
  -w /var/www \  
  -o http.pool.num_workers=${RR_NUM_WORKERS:-8} \
  -o http.pool.max_jobs=${RR_MAX_JOBS:-16} \
  -o http.pool.supervisor.max_worker_memory=${RR_MAX_WORKER_MEMORY:-512}


  • -w: is working directory.
  • -o: is option to overwrite. All options might be overwritten.
  • /var/www/config/.env: contains needed env variables.
  • ${RR_NUM_WORKERS:-8}: Use RR_NUM_WORKERS or 8 by default (if no there are no RR_NUM_WORKERS in the .env)

  • Option 2:
  middleware: [ gzip ] 
    num_workers: ${RR_NUM_WORKERS}
    max_jobs: ${RR_MAX_JOBS}

RR is able to expand the environment variable from the sentence like ${xxx} OR $xxx

Default ENV values inside the worker

RoadRunner provides set of ENV values to help the PHP process to identify how to properly communicate with the server.

Key Description
RR_MODE Identifies what mode worker should work with (http, temporal, grpc, jobs, tcp)
RR_RPC Contains RPC connection address when enabled.
RR_RELAY "pipes" or "tcp://...", depends on server relay configuration.
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