Health Endpoint

RoadRunner server includes a health check endpoint that returns the health of the workers.

Enable health

To enable the health check endpoint, add a status section to your configuration:

version: "2.7"

  address: localhost:2114

To access the health-check use the following URL:


You can check one or multiple plugins using health-check. Currently, only HTTP supported.

Once enabled, the health check endpoint will respond with the following:

  • HTTP 200 if there is at least one worker ready to serve requests.
  • HTTP 500 if there are no workers ready to serve requests.

To access the readiness-check use the following URL:


The difference between ready and health endpoints in the underlying checks.

For the ready, at least 1 worker should be in the Ready state (ready to accept a request). For the health check at least 1 worker should be in the Active state (serving the request).

From the user perspective, the Ready state means that the request might be sent and processed immediately, but the Active state means that the worker is working on the request and is healthy.

Use cases

The health check endpoint can be used for the following:

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