AWS Lambda

RoadRunner can run PHP as AWS Lambda function.


Prior to the function deployment, you must compile or download PHP binary files to run your application. There are multiple projects available for such goal:

Place PHP binaries in a bin/ folder of your project.

PHP Worker

PHP worker does not require any specific configuration to run inside Lambda function. We can use default snippet with internal counter to demonstrate how workers are being reused:

 * @var Goridge\RelayInterface $relay
use Spiral\Goridge;
use Spiral\RoadRunner;

ini_set('display_errors', 'stderr');
require 'vendor/autoload.php';

$rr = new RoadRunner\Worker(new Goridge\StreamRelay(STDIN, STDOUT));

$count = 0;
while ($body = $rr->receive($context)) {
    try {
        $count ++;
        $rr->send((string)$body . ":" . $count, (string)$context);
    } catch (\Throwable $e) {

Name this file handler.php and put it into the root of your project. Make sure to run composer require spiral/roadrunner.


We can create a simple application to demonstrate how it works:

package main

import (

var srv *roadrunner.Server

func init() {
	os.Setenv("PATH", os.Getenv("PATH")+":"+os.Getenv("LAMBDA_TASK_ROOT"))
	os.Setenv("LD_LIBRARY_PATH", "./lib:/lib64:/usr/lib64")

	srv = roadrunner.NewServer(
			Command: "bin/php handler.php",
			Relay:   "pipes",
			Pool: &roadrunner.Config{
				NumWorkers:      1,
				MaxJobs:         100,
				AllocateTimeout: time.Second,
				DestroyTimeout:  time.Second,

func main() {
	if err := srv.Start(); err != nil {
	defer srv.Stop()


func handle(ctx context.Context, input string) (string, error) {
	res, err := srv.Exec(&roadrunner.Payload{Body: []byte(input)})

	return res.String(), err

To build and package your lambda function run:

$ GOOS=linux GOARCH=amd64 go build -o main main.go 
$ zip * -r

You can now upload and invoke your handler using simple string event.


There are multiple notes you have to acknowledge.

  • start with 1 worker per lambda function in order to control your memory usage.
  • make sure to include env variables listed in the code to properly resolve the location of PHP binary and it's dependencies.
  • avoid database connections without concurrency limit
  • avoid database connections
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