Building a Server

RoadRunner use service bus model, this allows you to tweak and extend application functionality for each separate project.

Install Golang

To build an application server you need Golang 1.13+ to be installed.

Create main.go

Copy main.go file in the root of your project.

package main

import (
	rr ""

	// services (plugins)

	// additional commands and debug handlers
	_ ""
	_ ""

func main() {
	rr.Container.Register(env.ID, &env.Service{})
	rr.Container.Register(rpc.ID, &rpc.Service{})
	rr.Container.Register(http.ID, &http.Service{})
	rr.Container.Register(headers.ID, &headers.Service{})
	rr.Container.Register(static.ID, &static.Service{})
	rr.Container.Register(limit.ID, &limit.Service{})

	// you can register additional commands using cmd.CLI

You can now start your server without building go run main.go serve -v -d.

Use rr.Container.Register to add more services:

rr.Container.Register(custom.ID, &custom.Service{})

See how to create http middleware in order to intercept HTTP flow.

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