The easiest way to get the latest RoadRunner version is to use one of the pre-built release binaries which are available for OSX, Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows. Instructions for using these binaries are on the GitHub releases page.

64bit version of PHP 7.1+ is required.

Installation via Composer

You can also install RoadRunner automatically using command shipped with the composer package, run:

$ composer require spiral/roadrunner
$ ./vendor/bin/rr get

Server binary will be available in the root of your project.

PHP extensions php-curl and php-zip are required to download RoadRunner automatically.

Building RoadRunner

RoadRunner can be compiled on Linux, OSX, Windows and other 64 bit environments as the only requirement are Go 1.13+.

To get all needed dependencies:

$ go mod download

To build:

$ make

To test:

$ make test
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