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Service plugin

The service plugin was introduced in the RR v2.0.5.

Main capabilities

  1. Execute PHP code, binaries, bash/powershell scripts.
  2. Restart after specified amount of time.
  3. Control execute time for the particular command.
  4. Provide statistic to the Informer plugin about %CPU, PID and used RSS memory.


version: "2.7"

    command: "php tests/plugins/service/test_files/loop.php"
    process_num: 10
    exec_timeout: 0
    remain_after_exit: true
       - foo: "BAR"
    restart_sec: 1

    command: "tests/plugins/service/test_files/test_binary"
    process_num: 1
    remain_after_exit: true
    restart_delay: 1s
       - foo: "BAR"
    exec_timeout: 0


  1. Service plugin supports any number of nested commands.

  2. command - command to execute. There are no limitations on commands here. Here could be binary, PHP file, script, etc.

  3. process_num - default: 1, number of processes for the command to fire.

  4. exec_timeout - default: 0 (unlimited), maximum allowed time to run for the process.

  5. remain_after_exit - default: false. Remain process after exit. For example, if you need to restart process every 10 seconds exec_timeout should be 10s, and remain_after_exit should be set to true. NOTE: if you kill the process from outside and if remain_after_exit will be true, the process will be restarted.

  6. restart_sec - default: 30 seconds. Delay between process stop and restart.

  7. env - environment variables to pass to the underlying process from the config.