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Environment configuration

All RoadRunner workers will inherit system configuration available for parent server process. In addition, you can customize the set of env variables to be passed to your workers using part env of .rr configuration file.

   key: value

All keys will be automatically uppercased!

Additional Customizations

Internally, RoadRunner services receive configuration using env.Environment interface dependency. This allows you to create your own method to deliver env variables to workers:

type Environment interface {
    GetEnv() (map[string]string, error)
    SetEnv(key, value string)
func main() {
    rr.Logger.Formatter = &logrus.TextFormatter{ForceColors: true}

        // get env vars via consul
    rr.Container.Register(sd.ID, consul.NewService())

    rr.Container.Register(rpc.ID, &rpc.Service{})
    rr.Container.Register(http.ID, &http.Service{})
    rr.Container.Register(static.ID, &static.Service{})

    // you can register additional commands using cmd.CLI

You must remove default env component.

Default ENV values

RoadRunner provide set of ENV values to help PHP process to identify how to properly communicate with server.

Key Description
RR Helps to identify that PHP process run under RR.
RR_HTTP Helps to identify that PHP process expects to work under HTTP PSR7 server.
RR_RPC Contains RPC connection address when enabled.