App server — Running server as daemon on Linux

Here you can find an example of systemd unit file that can be used to run RoadRunner as a daemon on a server:

Description = High-performance PHP application server

Type = simple
ExecStart = /usr/local/bin/rr serve -c /var/www/.rr.yaml
Restart = always
RestartSec = 30

WantedBy = 

Where is

  • /usr/local/bin/rr - path to the RoadRunner binary file
  • /var/www/.rr.yaml - path to the RoadRunner configuration file

These paths are just examples, and the actual paths may differ depending on the specific server configuration and file locations. You should update these paths to match the actual paths used in your server setup.

You should also update the ExecStart option with your own configuration and save the file with a suitable name, such as rr.service. Usually, such user unit files are located in the .config/systemd/user/ directory. To enable the service, you should run the following commands:

systemctl enable --user rr.service


systemctl start rr.service

This will start RoadRunner as a daemon on the server.

For more information about systemd unit files, the user can refer to the following link.

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