App server — Docker Images

Following Docker images are available:

Description Links Status
Official RR image Link Latest Stable Version License: MIT
Third party image from n1215 Link License
Third party image from spacetab-io Link Latest Stable Version License

Here is an example of a Dockerfile that can be used to build a Docker image with RoadRunner for a PHP application:

FROM php:8.2-cli-alpine3.17 as backend

RUN --mount=type=bind,from=mlocati/php-extension-installer:1.5,source=/usr/bin/install-php-extensions,target=/usr/local/bin/install-php-extensions \
     install-php-extensions opcache zip xsl dom exif intl pcntl bcmath sockets && \
     apk del --no-cache ${PHPIZE_DEPS} ${BUILD_DEPENDS}


COPY --from=composer:2.3 /usr/bin/composer /usr/bin/composer

# Copy composer files from app directory to install dependencies
COPY ./app/composer.* .
RUN composer install --optimize-autoloader --no-dev

COPY /usr/bin/rr /app

EXPOSE 8080/tcp

# Copy application files
COPY ./app .

# Run RoadRunner server
CMD ./rr serve -c .rr.yaml
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